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Due to the decreasing sulphur deposition from the air, less sulphur is available for plants. The resulting deficit can be supplemented with OCI Ammonium Sulphate. OCI Agro’s Ammonium Sulphate contains ammoniacal nitrogen and sulphur. The sulphur is completely water-soluble and therefore readily available for the crop. The nitrogen in ammonium form can be absorbed by the plant, but is largely converted into nitrate in the soil, making it slower and less easy to wash out.

OCI Ammonium Sulphate is most commonly used in arable farming and on grassland for crops with a high sulphur requirement. We supply sulphuric acid ammonia in three different granule sizes: Granular 3, Granular 2 and AS-Crystal.

Homogeneous granules, improved spread result

The size of the granules determines the spreading characteristics. The larger the granule, the further the fertilizer can be spread. We recommend adjusting the spreader accordingly. Only then can you use the optimal spread widths. Granular 3 can be spread up to 36 meters. For Granular 2, this is 24 meters.

Benefits of OCI Ammonium Sulphate

  • A quality fertilizer containing both nitrogen and sulphur
  • A gradual availability of nitrogen for the plant
  • The sulphur is readily soluble and therefore quickly and fully available
  • Very suitable for sulfur-needy crops
  • Homogeneous granules resulting in an even spread
  • Wide spread (Granular 3 up to 36 meters)
  • Granules crystallized and therefore not easily broken down
  • Very suitable for blending